hp printer repair HP Laser Printer Preventative Maintenance

The best way to extend the life of your printer, copier, or fax machine is to periodically conduct a thorough cleaning and inspection. Over the years, Brewer Laser Services has determined that cleaning a minimum of once a year is suitable for a machine with average usage. Higher print volume devices should be cleaned more frequently.  These are the best HP laser printer preventative maintenance measures.

Cleaning the Paper Path

Cleaning the area under the toner cartridge thoroughly using a clean cloth and a small vacuum cleaner will improve your print quality and extend the life of your printer.  Vacuums designed for electronics and computers work best, but you can use a hand-held vacuum with a small crevice attachment if needed. Be sure that you vacuum up any loose toner or paper dust from the inside of the printer.

Cleaning Rollers

Even the best printers can experience problems from time to time. If you find yourself constantly having to clear paper jams, deal with misfeeds, or you find that there are streaks on your printed pages, it may be a good time to t
sing misfeeds and paper jams. They can also become coated with dirt or other substances, and transfer it to the page, causing streaks. It is a good idea to clean the rollers at least a few times a year to prevent these issues try cleaning the rollers. The roller mechanism includes one or more wheels that grab the paper and feed it through to be printed. If the rollers get coated with oils or other substances, they may not grip as well, causing paper jams.

Cleaning Filters & Fans

It is important that filters & fans are periodically cleaned, replaced,  or blown out on all printers. This is especially important on color printers. Without proper airflow, a printer cannot operate within its proper temperature range. Overheating problems caused by clogged filters range from the intermittent and bothersome to constant and costly. A few problems caused by clogged filters are poor print quality, premature aging of the drum unit, fuser errors, and random error codes and messages. Overheating can also damage costly logic boards.

HP Perform Printer Maintenance Message

If your printer is displaying a message similar to “Perform Printer Maintenance” then you should call a qualified technician and set up a service call to have the preventive maintenance kit installed on your printer.  These are very important components that will keep your printer performing in like new fashion.

Toner Cartridge Choices

Choosing the right company to purchase your Laser Toner Refills from is of the utmost importance to the life of your printer.  Only purchase toner cartridge refills from reputable companies that you know and trust.


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