What’s the Difference between Original and Recycled Compatible Toner?

Compatible Toner vs. OEM (Original) Toner

It’s easy to get confused between the two – both appear to be the same, but their prices can differ greatly. So we’re here to help uncover the two products.

Original HP Toners

The original HP toner is manufactured by the printer brand (Hewlett Packard) itself, known as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The original HP toner Cartridges are generally more expensive compared to the recycled original HP toner. It has an average fault rate of 2-3%.

Recycled Original HP Toner

A recycled original HP toner produces the exact same print quality as the original. It is made from an empty original cartridge, which is then professionally re manufactured to produce the recycled original HP toner. These toners have an average fault rate of 1-2%.

Empty OEM toners are returned to recyclers or re manufacturers where they are inspected thoroughly. These cartridges are checked to see if they are good enough to be recycled, sanitized, then any defected parts are removed and reassembled after being filled with ink. Recycled original HP toners provide the same quality as originals, but can cost you up to 65% less.

Here at Brewer Laser Services, we only use the highest quality components to rebuild our toner cartridges.  Our production staff takes pride in delivering the best toner cartridge available to our customers!

Ink & Toner Cartridges

Ink & Toner Cartridges

Ink & Toner Cartridges